this is our idea

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populas is a new initiative by rogerperrin


our plan

we want to help local people see what’s possible for them in this fast changing world


in 2017 we plan to open 10 POPULAS across UK and France, in schools, universities, shopping centres, cafes and businesses (where our partners provide the space and the local content for events and advice) in places where people of all ages and backgrounds can hang out, meet and connect with POPULAS worldwide

we are working with a number of partners, looking for more, and will test our initial ideas through 2017

each POPULAS will be a small mobile ‘pop-up’, have an interactive screen broadcasting live events from other locations at around the world, and have information and an events programme to help you see what’s possible and connect worldwide

alongside the physical locations we will have an international digital platform and database for you to join, share opportunities, knowledge and experience

POPULAS will help you succeed so long as we are truly international, and by 2020 we plan to open in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, North Central and South America

for individuals it’s free to sign up to POPULAS and attend our events

be involved in designing what these ‘pop-ups’ look like, and what they should offer as beacons around the world


be a partner and provide the local content and host space for POPULAS 

contact us now!

the world is changing fast so let’s get started!

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POPULAS is a new initiative from rogerperrin which will be a free international network of ‘physical websites’ (real places to meet, not just an online community) linking learning and work by sharing inspiration, knowledge and resources across the world

our aim is to inspire people in one part of the world by showing them what people like them are doing in other parts of the world

we and our partners will then provide information, events and people to help you develop yourself and your ideas

please let us have your feedback as we post more information about POPULAS each week