Update 13 12 2018

“The future is scary. AI and technology, dictators, famine, natural disaster, pollution or lack of understanding and action by governments across the world. Many people are looking for purpose and opportunity, and a different way to work. Work is becoming an activity rather than a place to go, and motivations of younger generations are changing
Imagine an international network (real local places to meet, events and facilities not just an online community) linking people, learning and work by sharing inspiration, knowledge and resources across the world. Enabling people to see and realise their potential. In places like schools, cafes, shopping centres, universities and businesses. Imagine not having to commute to work, working anywhere that suits your lifestyle, in a bespoke modern mobile space, even provided by your company. Saves time, pollution, traffic jams, and money and allows you more time to think, be productive, and meet likeminded people from different walks of life. Places built for individuals not corporations
This is for people of all ages, backgrounds and starting points, coming together to see what’s possible, sharing ideas and inspiration, being ‘citizens of the world’. An international network providing knowledge, resources and opportunities. POPULAS will inform and inspire people by showing them what others like them are doing around the world, a local place for mobile people to meet, and ANYCUBES will provide mobile spaces for working, anywhere”

POPULAS and ANYCUBES will launch in April 2019



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